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-Lisa Ananich Freeland

LISA ANANICH FREELAND creates one of a kind (OOAK) art doll, working primarily with air dry clay. Each figurative art piece is hand crafted without the use of molds, uses a variety of quality vintage materials, and is adorned with characteristic treasures. Lisa also creates assemblage art and painted furniture.


Her work can be found at Artworks Gallery in downtown Kokomo, Indiana and on her website… and at LmFreeland Creations on Facebook.    


                                    ONE OF A KIND original art doll.

                                 “Made from start to finish by the individual artist, from conception through

                                  design, sculpting, and finishing the piece. It will not be reproduced.”


ART DOLL production demands a wide range of skills and technologies, including sculpting, painting, and costuming. They are often multimedia objects made from materials such as fabric, paperclay, polymer clay, wax, wood, porcelain, natural or synthetic hair, yarn, wool, and felt. As works of art, art dolls can take weeks or months to finish.”

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Lisa's work may be purchased at

Artworks Gallery

210 North Main Street

Downtown Kokomo, Indiana

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