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-Lisa  Rush

I like to create art that is fun; art that makes people smile. I don't over think my art or attempt to find deep philosophical meaning to my works. I just create what seems fun and beautiful at that point in time. Sometimes it's nostalgic, sometimes beautiful, or sometimes just a little quirky - and that's okay.

I've been creating art since the time I could hold a crayon. My mother was a wonderful amateur artist working mostly in oil paints. She taught me the value of good composition, color mixing and looking at the world through an artist's eyes. I've discovered over the years, that beauty is not determined by the subject matter, but rather by the way you look at it.

I studied Commercial Art and Graphic Design in college, but my favorite part of the curriculum was the drawing class. I had the privilege of studying under world reknown colored pencil artist, David Dooley, for two years. It was during that time that I first discovered the possibilities of colored pencils. He introduced me to the technique of layering colors multiple times to develop a depth and richness to my works that I hadn't dreamed possible. In the past couple of years I've also begun experimenting with oil pastels. I really enjoy working with these pastels since they seem to be a perfect blend of the oil painting techniques that my mother used and the layering techniques that I've used with colored pencils. I still have a lot to learn with the oil pastels and I'm having a blast experimenting with them while I learn.

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