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-Marilyn Aleman

I was born in Marion, Indiana.  I have studied art at Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois at Chicago, The School of the Art Institute, and Ball State University.  I have invested forty years of my life in the art field.  As an individual, educator and artist my focus has always been learning to see and appreciate life more fully, and demonstrate that through my art work. At the present time that's in clay.  Pottery has become the love of my life.


In my artwork I hope to inspire my audience to stop for a moment and reflect on the awesome beauty of their world, which can be represented in artworks and appreciated as a visual gift of love.  I strive to see and experience the wonder and beauty in the world, which brings an appreciation, joy and fulfillment to our daily lives.  This visual gift is what I strive to share with my audience.


The hands on activity of manipulation of the substance of clay, from which the world and I are made, give me a timeless feeling of connection to the world both present and past.  I feel that pottery, as a whole is a wonderful reflection of the human spirit and its history.  This unique art form reveals man's genuine and basic character.


My ceramic work deals with the illusion of receding space and the reflective, warm, and glowing qualities of light.  I visually prefer to work with curvilinear lines and spirals that depict strength and character along with a since of mystery.  These images are found throughout my art work regardless of medium or technique.


I realize I have only begun on the road of pottery.  However, I enjoy sharing the little I have learned.  Recently I have found great joy in teaching pottery techniques to those who come to my pottery classes.


Marilyn's work may be purchased at

Artworks Gallery

210 North Main Street

Downtown Kokomo, Indiana

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