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-Dixie Ben-net

My first out of doors painting experiences were done on the back of wallpaper with Prang watercolors.  I was only six years old.  A huge sycamore tree on the Haynes Estates, where I lived, was my favorite subject.  I was self taught, ecstatic about nature and had an inborn drive to paint.

After my son and three daughters were raised, I attended Herron school of Art for four years.  I then traveled coast to coast, taking instruction from notable artists, painting and selling my work.  I introduced pastel portrait work in the Michigan Malls and often did portraits in Kokomo Malls in winter.

Base personnel at Bunker Hill bought and sent much of my art work overseas.  I also painted and sold work on Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

I spent every summer along creeks and in the wilderness areas.  I lived outdoors.  In the autumn I deer hunted and soaked up God's country.

Dixie's work may be purchased at

Artworks Gallery

210 North Main Street

Downtown Kokomo, Indiana

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