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-Corinne McAuley

Corinne McAuley, has been honing her self taught skills in beadwork since 2001. Working in the high tech business world for many years, beads provided a change of pace and creative direction guiding her into her future. She had not realized the direction her life would change until she went into a bead store for the first time and was mesmerized by all the different types, shapes, sizes,
facets and colors of beads.


Corinne has been influenced and excited about the growth of beadwork globally over the years. The interesting and unique talents and creativity of beadwork is now accepted in fine art exhibitions.

Corinne creates beaded tapestries (stitching together beads with a needle and thread), Thought Series (Mannequin heads projecting a thought using beads and miniatures), Glass on Glass (Using beads and creating designs on glass) Ornaments. All of the pieces created are one of a kind.

Corinne’s evolution into beadwork allowed her to introduce beads in different and unique ways. This creativity has allowed Corinne to be written up in Phoenix newspapers, Bead Unique Magazine (domestic), Creative Beading Magazine
(international). In addition, her work is exhibited and sold around the U.S. most notably in Arizona, Montana, Illinois, New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia,Louisiana, Wyoming, Wisconsin and now proudly Indiana.

Artworks Gallery

210 N Main St

Kokomo, Indiana

Halloween Thoughts.jpg
Red Chrysanthemum copy.jpeg
Garden Mask.jpeg
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