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-Colette Inderhees

Porcelain Artist and Teacher


Colette (Fuller) Inderhees was born, reared and educated in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1964, shortly after being married, she and her husband, Bob were transferred to Kokomo Indiana. Here they raised four sons.

In her life she sensed a need to non-verbally express what she sees; she tried flower arranging, oil painting, custom sewing and ceramics.  Then in 1981 she was introduced to the world of china painting and once again fell in love.

Studying with such master artists as SanDo of Tampa, Mary Ashcroft (MI), Grace Moss (NC), and others, she developed her own style and began teaching in the fall of 1984. She now teaches four weekly classes and also special project seminars.

Her work has won numerous awards at the Indiana State Fair and the Indiana China Painters Conventions.  Her work has been displayed at the World Organization of China Painters Museum in Oklahoma City.  Some of her art has been featured in The China Painter, The Kokomo Tribune and The Kokomo Perspective.

She is a past President of IWOCP (Indiana World Organization of China Painters) and currently is treasurer for the Kokomo Art Association and Artworks.


Colette paints on porcelain, china, or any ceramic ware that can be fired in a kiln including plates, cups, teapots, floor and wall tiles, china, toilet tank tops and even the bathroom sink!


Colette's artwork can be purchased at the Artworks Gallery in downtown  Kokomo, 201 North Main Street or by contacting her :

e-mail >

Phone:  cell 765-860-2038

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